LAS VEGAS — Authorities say Las Vegas gunman Stephen Paddock conducted extensive online searches for police and SWAT tactics and searched for other potential targets, including the famed California beach in Santa Monica, before he carried out the deadliest mass shooting in modern U.S. history.

Clark County Sheriff Joe Lombardo on Friday released a preliminary report providing an overview of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department’s investigation into the Oct. 1 shooting at the Mandalay Bay casino-hotel.

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Lombardo said the report does not detail Paddock’s motive, but would detail Paddock’s planning of the massacre and his “disturbing” search history, including about ballistics and SWAT tactics. The report says Paddock searched for outdoor concert venues, the number of attendees at other concerts in Las Vegas, and the number of people who go to the beach in Santa Monica, California.

The month before the massacre, the report says Paddock checked into The Ogden, a downtown Las Vegas condominium complex, on Sept. 17 and that his stay coincided with the “Life if Beautiful” festival, another heavily attended open-air music festival. In early September, the report says Paddock searched on Google for “life is beautiful expected attendance,” “life is beautiful single day tickets,” and “life is beautiful Vegas lineup,” along with “las Vegas high rise condo rentals” and “Las Vegas Ogden for rent.” He also searched on Bing: “Mandalay Bay Las Vegas,” “Route 91 harvest festival 2017 attendance,” and “Route 91 harvest festival 2017.”

The report includes the gunman’s Google Map history which showed searches for Venice Beach in Los Angeles and Fenway Park in Boston. His Google Map history also included locations nearby Fenway, including the Red Sox Team Store on Yawkey Way and Royal Rooters’ club, and also Blandford Street Station, Boston University Questrom School of Business, Boston Hotel Buckminster and Boston Arts Academy.

In California, he also searched for the locations of the Venice Ale House, the Fairmont Miramar Hotel and the Bungalow. Google Search queries from May included “summer concerts 2017,” “grant park functions,” “La Jolla beach,” “open air concert venues,” “biggest open air concert venues in USA,” and “How crowded does Santa Monica beach get.”

On September 15, the report says Paddock performed Google searches for “swat weapons,” “ballistics chart 308,” “SWAT Las Vegas,” “ballistic,” and “do police use explosives.”

Lombardo said that investigators believe Paddock acted alone. He said he does not expect charges to be filed against Paddock’s girlfriend, Marilou Danley, who had been previously called a person of interest in the case.

Lombardo said the FBI has an “ongoing case against an individual of federal interest,” but didn’t release more details and referred questions to the FBI.

Lombardo said the investigation found that Paddock had possessed child pornography.

The sheriff and the FBI have said they found no link to international terrorism. They said they believe Paddock meticulously prepared and concealed his plan to fire assault-style weapons from the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay hotel into a crowd of 22,000 people attending the Route 91 Harvest Festival music below.

The report included previously unseen photos of the stockpile of weapons found in Paddock’s suite.

Paddock fired more than 1,100 bullets, mostly from two windows in the high-rise hotel, Lombardo has said. That includes about 200 shots fired through Paddock’s hotel room door into a hallway where an unarmed hotel security guard was wounded in the leg and a maintenance engineer took cover to avoid being hit.

Several bullets hit aviation fuel storage tanks at nearby McCarran International Airport, but the tanks did not explode. Authorities reported finding about 4,000 unused bullets in Paddock’s two-room suite, including incendiary rounds that Lombardo said were not used.

Investigators found 23 guns in the rooms, including 12 rifles that a federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms official said were fitted with “bump stock” devices that allowed rapid-fire shooting similar to fully automatic operation.

Paddock killed himself with a gunshot to the mouth before police reached him. The 64-year-old retired accountant and multimillionaire real estate investor had earned hotel upgrades as a high-stakes video poker gambler at several Las Vegas casino resorts.

Danley was in the Philippines at the time of the shooting.

Lombardo and Aaron Rouse, FBI agent in charge in Las Vegas, had described Danley as a person of interest in the investigation but not a suspect. She was questioned by the FBI when she arrived in Los Angeles from overseas, and was described as cooperating with investigators.

However, a document filed Oct. 6 and unsealed last Friday by a federal judge in Las Vegas said the FBI considered Danley “the most likely person who aided or abetted Stephen Paddock.”

Questions have been raised about Danley’s receipt in the Philippines of a $10,000 wire transfer from Paddock just days before the shooting.

Danley told investigators that over the course of the past year, Paddock had become “distant” and their relationship was no longer intimate, the report says. She described him as “germophobic” and said he had strong reaction to smells. She said he had begun to buy firearms over the course of the last year and that Danley believed it was a “hobby” of his.

Danley, according to the report, said the couple had stayed at the Mandalay Bay in the beginning of September 2017 in a room overlooking Las Vegas Village venue. She said Paddock was behaving strangely, constantly looking out windows and moving from window to window to look at the site from different angles.

FBI warrant documents also showed that Danley told investigators that they would find her fingerprints on bullets used during the attack because she would sometimes help Paddock load high-volume ammunition magazines, and that Danley deleted her Facebook account in the hours immediately following the shooting.

The Clark County coroner ruled that all 58 people killed in the attack died of gunshot wounds. Paddock’s death was ruled a suicide. Media organizations including The Associated Press are seeking autopsy records that have not been made public.

Unjustified ‘special watch’ by USA for so-called violations of religious freedom

It is unfortunate that USA under President Donald Trump consistently trying to damage Pakistan through leveling baseless and imaginative and unjustified allegations, ranging from allegedly “providing safe havens to terrorists including Haqqani network to now religious discriminations in the country.

President Donald Trump sometimes demands do more on unspecific and confused terminologies just to cover up its own failures in the so-called ‘war on terror’. When all allegations proved baseless it started harping on new tune of alleged protection of Haqqani network by Pakistan despite the fact that the CIA was fully aware of the actual protectors of the network where it is now completely under the protection of NDS, which is being used as catalyst to prolong presence of US army in Afghanistan. The longer the presence of US Army in Afghanistan the more dollars would pour in the country.

It is unfortunate that this game is being played at the cost of stability of Pakistan. The recent tweet of President Trump leveling serious allegations of “lie and deceit” was nothing but to divert the attention of the US citizens from the on-going investigation against him regarding his alleged collusion with Russia to influence the elections in America. He demanded Pakistan to do more once again whereas USA had failed miserably to effectively fight against terrorism in the Middle East, South Asia and particularly in Afghanistan. In fact, it is now the turn of USA to do more to fulfill its part of commitment to the war on terror, which was started by it and Pakistan supported it by laying lives of more than 70 thousand innocent causalities and putting its economy at stake.

The bias against Pakistan can further well be judged from the recent unjustified and discriminatory announcement whereby US has placed Pakistan on a “special watch” list for “severe violations” of “religious freedom” allegedly consequent to the consistent advocacy of the United States Commission on International Religious Freedom for designating Pakistan as a CPC since 2002.

It is strange that the Commission was consistently advocating placing Pakistan on watch list but it took USA 16 years to decide to announce this only when President Donald Trump termed Pakistan as “deceitful and liar”. Pakistan has the right to ask as to who authorise USA to a sovereign state on watch list and USA seemed to have assumed the role a monitor against Pakistan.

Hold on dear President Donald Trump and let me take you back to your own country to flag the performance of “great America” in the field of “religious freedom”. The list of religious intolerance in America is long which include increase of hate crimes against Middle Eastern descents from 354 attacks in 2000 to 1501 attacks in 2001 after 9/11 attack; more than 200 serious hate crimes against Arab Americans and American Muslims after Oklahoma bombing; several attacks against Muslims after US Representative Joe Walsh made a public statement in August 2017 against Muslims including acid bomb attack on a Muslim School in Lombard, Illinois as well as hate graffiti in a Muslim cemetery; attacks on mosques with pellet guns, acid bombs, eggs or unclean animal parts; copies of Holy Quran were burnt by Terry Jones in the church; burning of copies of Holy Quran by US soldiers in Afghanistan on February 20, 2012; killing of a 17-years old Virginia students by 22-year old Darwin Martinez Torres with a metal baseball bat where the American media tried to give it a colour of heated arguments about traffic, which led to the killing of the girl; 57% increase in anti-Muslim bias incidents from 2015 to 2016 as per the report of the Council on American-Islamic Affairs (CAIR) coupled with 44% increase in anti-Muslim hate crimes in the same period; anti-Muslim and Islam statements by Stephen Bannon and Sebastian Gorka; and last but not least the interview of President Trump with Fox News in 2015 saying to “look at the idea of closing mosques in the United States”.

Mr President Trump these above figures religious intolerance is from your country and where is this so called Commission on regions violation. Will you not call it as double standards?

Before you talk about discrimination in Islam or religious intolerance in Muslims, you must know that the anti-Muslim rhetoric in your own country is nothing new. Although the United States is a nation that boasts religious freedom, yet the Muslims find it unsafe to practice Islam in it. Throughout the country, Muslim women retired their Hijabs and headdresses in fear of harm and men considered shaving their beards since the 9/11 attacks. Although some 60 Muslims were killed in the 9/11 attacks yet Muslims had received criminal threats against mosques; harassment in schools; and reports of violence targeting Muslim in your country.

Your administration while putting Pakistan on a special watch list on “severe violations” of religious freedom recently stated that: The government of Pakistan continues, “To perpetrate and tolerate systematic, on-going, and egregious religious freedom violations and religiously discriminatory constitutional provisions and legislation”. The statement is based on heresy and bogus reports generated by some so-called NGOs, which collects funds in the name of minorities and created religious divides.

Mr president, before issuing this-derogatory statement against Pakistan, someone from your administration should have taken pain to read out the provisions of the Constitution of Pakistan relating to the rights of minorities. However, for your information, I would like to draw your attention to Article 20 of the Constitution of Pakistan guaranteeing every citizen “the right to profess, practice and propagate his religion” and “the right to establish, maintain and manage its religious institutions”. Similarly, Article 36 places responsibility on the State to “safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of minorities, including their due representation in the federal and provincial services” including having representation in the parliament.

It is, therefore, obvious that the Constitution equally protects and safeguards the rights of the entire citizens of Pakistan regardless of their religion, race, gender and ethnicity. By incorporating Article 2A in the Constitution, the minorities of Pakistan were not only protected as citizen of Pakistan but also their rights as minorities. It is, therefore, inappropriate to suggest that Article 2A was in any way against the rights of the minorities.

Now let me point out your discrimination and your favour to your new friend PM Modi although he had deep hatred towards Muslims and other non-Hindu minorities including Christians in India.

India historically touts itself as a secular state, which is true in theory but not in reality. According to a report, out of 198 countries, India has been ranked as fourth worst in the world for religious intolerance.

Since 2015, many people across the country have fallen victim to incidents of mob lynching related to religious intolerance, which commonly resulted over petty issues. Recently, there has been a surge in cases of public lynching by self-styled ‘gao rakshaks’ or ‘cow protectors’ in different parts of the country over beef eating and cow smuggling or slaughtering, being Muslims and Dalits among the victims but either the prime minister or respective chief ministers have failed to protect Muslims and Dalits from the attacks of extremist Hindus. Since April 2017, at least ten Muslim men have been lynched or killed in public in suspected hate crimes, amid a rising tide of Islam phobia in the country. Where is your commission and why India has not been placed on special watch list by USA?

In June, a special court in Gujarat convicted 24 people for their involvement in the mass killing of 69 people by a Hindu mob in Gulberg Society, a Muslim neighbourhood in Ahmedabad, during the 2002 Gujarat riots. Peoples Union for Human Rights (PUHR), a human rights organisation, which toured the riot affected areas of Gujarat and closely examined the anti-Muslim riots there has published its report wherein it has been stated that in the whole of Gujarat it was a one-sided violence against Muslims wherein 500 mosques, ‘dargahs’ and ‘imam-baras’ were demolished and in their places, religious places of the majority community were established. It is further stated in the report that during the riots the state ministers, MLAs and VHP leaders were sitting in the police control room and inciting and directing the rioters against Muslims and that the state government is fully responsible for anti-Muslim riots of Gujarat.

The Indian government’s continuing failure to rein in militant groups, combined with inflammatory remarks made by some BJP leaders, has contributed to the impression that leaders are indifferent to growing intolerance. Why USA is continuously ignoring it.

Mr president, the way you have given numerous statements against Muslims time and time again, do fall into the category of your religious intolerance for Islam. Muslims face a visible religious discrimination and bias in your country as a study that was conducted back in 2015 revealed the facts about how Christianity is a dominant religion in USA.

It is time for the public of USA to ask their government to revisit its geo political strategies and stop using religious divide as the key quotient in other countries.

The world had previously witnessed how the religious divide was used in Iraq, which is still suffering because of this religious divide. And it is this religious divide, which has given emergence to a lethal terrorist outfit namely Daesh.

Pakistan is a country where all religions are being freely practiced and hence one or two incidents cannot be termed as the basis to put Pakistan on USA’s self-created watch list, ignoring India for massive religious intolerance and including your own country where religious violations is creating insecurity for non-Christian living in USA. We Pakistani respect all religions but we will not tolerate any priest Terry Jones like injurious statements or action against our Holy Prophet (PBUH) and Islam. The world expects from USA to promote interfaith harmony worldwide and not the religious divide, which it needs to put to an end.

The writer is Chairman of think tank “Global Eye” & former Interior Minister of Pakistan. Email:, Twitter Senrehmanmalik, GlobalEye_GSA, WhatsApp +923325559393

medical marijuana card renewal

The Debate Over Medical Marijuana Card Renewal

Your health marijuana certificate is much like the license plate tags onto your automobile vehicle. There’s no longer any need to find the DMV for cards that are patient. The healthcare bud card isn’t simply valid for a single year following the day that the card has been issued.

You have to watch for the card. The card can be an more step that demands your doctor’s rec. This card can be utilized at dispensaries in a nation.

Even when 90% are tainted, exactly what you’ve said isn’t reasonable to the 10, however, this isn’t probably true whatsoever. Very best of fortune locating a person doctor within this workplace. It doesn’t matter how often times every single report has been produced from the same person or for equal entity.

Why Almost Everything You’ve Learned About Medical Marijuana Card Renewal medical cannabis license Is Wrong

First Natural Wellness,” Michigan Most dependable Certifications, is joyful to support. Finding a Medical Cannabis Card isn’t just legal for a year after it is issued, and then it needs to be renewed. Be sure your very first get in touch with to obtain valid starts together with 1st pure Wellness, Michigan Most dependable Registration.

Unlike a lot of abused medication, a illness of marijuana isn’t lethal, as stated by the National Cancer Institute. Marijuana isn’t increased in Afghanistan. It stays prohibited in most of the Earth, and ownership is recognized as a capital offense in most nations.

There’s great assortment in boogie at the USA of America. Cuba isn’t precisely the equivalent of China into the United States. Plus they’re educated to comprehend the California marijuana legislation.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Medical Marijuana Card Renewal

The improvements are intended to aid sufferers with freedom points combined with those in remote regions, Durrett said. These organizations result in massive amounts of pollution and make matters which aren’t biodegradable, for example plastics. In certain countries, you might have to pay fewer penalties specially in the event that you simply get Medicaid benefits, supplemental source of income or you also possess some type of social protection impairment.

It is only a procedure which is there to estimate whether marijuana is an essential necessity. The majority of the internet drug retailers are attempting to sell their product at cheap rates because of competitive small business venture. You are going to want to pick one of both choices previous to the evaluation starts.

No, provided that the legal guardian signs a waiver for its minor, somebody who’s under18 could remain to be eligible for an individual patient. Patients can order their prescription drugs on the internet or from phone every time they are going to finish their prescription. He is seen by our healthcare marijuana doctor on your trip.

If you are going to a different doctor, be certain to bring your card or even physician’s suggestion. The physician is going to get to evaluate one to truly be sure you qualify. You really observe a legitimate physician.

Three manners of obtaining a health marijuana advice in California Process of obtaining a wellness card Should you respect that medical bud is going to facilitate on your wellbeing condition, then there’s isn’t any trouble in receiving a suggestion. It’s one of those kinds of medicines that are organic that prove helpful to maintain your body fit. In the event you believe cannabis is most suitable for you personally there really are certainly a number of dispensaries, for example email order marijuana solutions to allow it to be effortless to acquire the drugs you require to your doorway.

The 1 issue with cannabis would be the absence of exploration that will give a superior proof its effects. Proponents of well being cannabis say it’s really a secure and organic herb which could treat symptoms of disease that range between cancer and AIDS to anxiety and sleeplessness. Cannabis is shown to greatly help control pain.

Approved with the modern society that was medical as an alternate procedure for patients, that have problems with a vast selection of health care conditions and illnesses, health has truly converted. Your health care state may possibly have improved. That the patients are stipulated by A physician with a prepared recommendation it will ease the indications of their affliction.

Form expense of the trip and their condition application price, there aren’t any concealed rates or fees. Gloomy corporation ought to be avoided at any cost. Don’t hesitate to have in contact with our helpful personnel should you need help at any period of the approach.

The internet medication pharmacy company is growing rapidly along with having its own temperament and functions is set to revolutionize the entire drug marketplace since it includes folks the very best solution to get a variety of medication through internet stores. Newsflash, you can find dozens and dozens of millions of guns in this nation that have NEVER KILLED ANYONE. Additionally, there are a few significant things that you need to be conscious of with respect to medical marijuana.

Folks do not will need to provide any confidential advice beyond an individual name password, and also at times a email address. These community forums offer anonymous, and controlled configurations in which people are able to find out what they will need to understand to seek out help. Subsequent to the time arrives to speak to this media, it is likely to be by my personal voice.

At this writing, the weekend bust of Denver Broncos receiver Carlos Henderson on marijuana charges has not yet been entered into the NFL Player Arrest Database, a resource that aims to catalogue all baller bookings since 2000. When the information about Henderson is added, the Broncos arrest number will hit 49, tied for the most of any team in the entire National Football League over that span.

In 2012, as we noted in the Henderson post, Westword posted about 34 busts of Denver players since the launch of the database, which was created by the San Diego Union-Tribune. That number grew to 38 following the May 2014 arrest of safety T.J. Ward at PT’s Showclub, a strip joint — the third highest in the league as of then, behind only the Minnesota Vikings and the Cincinnati Bengals.

The NFL Player Arrest Database is presently maintained by USA Today, which published details about four past Broncos arrests that hadn’t previously appeared on the roster. Add that number to seven additional cuffings (including Henderson’s) during the intervening years, and the total comes to 49, the same amount registered by the Vikings. The Bengals currently sit at 44 arrests.

The results racked up by the Broncos, Vikings and Bengals aren’t typical. Most other NFL teams have 21st-century arrest sums in the teens or twenties.

As you’ll see, the Broncos’ poor law-and-order performance was aided immeasurably by a handful of players who were arrested multiple times, led by former Denver receiver Brandon Marshall with four, ex-safety Sam Brandon with three and a slew of others at two — most notably Super Bowl 50 MVP linebacker Von Miller, who was busted during consecutive months in 2013.

Here’s the complete list in reverse order, from Henderson’s brush with the law to the very first Bronco to be booked this century.

Carlos Henderson's booking photo.

Carlos Henderson’s booking photo.

Ouachita Correctional Center

49. Carlos Henderson Wide Receiver 01/14/18
Arrested in Louisiana on a marijuana charge during a traffic stop. He was the passenger in the vehicle.

48. Will Parks Safety 03/31/17
Arrested domestic violence. Accused of harassment and non-physical domestic violence in incident involving his former girlfriend.

47. Cody Latimer Wide Receiver 5/30/16
Arrested traffic warrant. Latimer called police and alleged his girlfriend hit him. Police found outstanding traffic warrant from 2015 and arrested him for that. Additional note: Paid $311 to settle ticket.

46. Shiloh Keo Safety 02/13/16
Arrested DUI. Accused of drunken driving in Ada County, Idaho. Additional note: Pleaded guilty to misdemeanor, one year probation, community service, fined nearly $1,000.

45. John Boyett Safety 10/22/14
Arrested assault. Accused of being drunk, head-butting and hitting a cab driver and trying to hide from police by stealing a shovel and covering himself in mulch. Additional note: Resolution undetermined. Team cut him the next day.

44. T.J. Ward Safety 5/22/14
Arrest pending misdemeanor assault at PT’s Showclub. Additional note: Diversion program, four hours community service.

43. Von Miller Linebacker 09/05/13
Cited license. Pulled over for speeding in Arapahoe County, Colo., accused of driving with a suspended license. Second traffic issue in six weeks. Additional note: Pleaded guilty to traffic offenses, required to take driving class and do 24 hours of community service.

42. Julius Thomas Tight End 08/28/13
Arrested failure to appear. Pulled over for speeding, charged with failing to appear in court for previous traffic ticket from Jan. 25, 2013. Additional note: Pleaded guilty to having a defective vehicle, adding two points to license.

41. Von Miller Linebacker 8/11/2013
Arrested in a Denver suburb on a warrant because he failed to appear in court on misdemeanor traffic charges. Additional note: Pleaded guilty to traffic offenses, required to take driving class and do 24 hours of community service.

40. Quentin Saulsbury Offensive lineman 5/19/2013
Arrested for DUI and a lane violation in Arapahoe County, Colo.

39. Quinton Carter Safety 3/9/2013
Arrested in Nevada on felony charges alleging that he cheated at a craps game at the Texas Station casino. Additional note: Case dismissed.

38. Elvis Dumervil Linebacker 7/14/12
Arrested for suspicion of aggravated assault after a road rage incident in Miami.

37. Knowshon Moreno Running back 2/1/12
Arrested on suspicion of DUI, pulled over for driving 70 mph in 45-mph zone.

36. Ryan McBean Defensive tackle 10/14/11
Arrested on allegation of stalking in Denver.

Matt Prater, currently kicking for the Detroit Lions, was arrested twice during his time in Denver.

Matt Prater, currently kicking for the Detroit Lions, was arrested twice during his time in Denver.

File photo

35. Matt Prater Kicker 8/2/11
Arrested on suspicion of DUI and leaving the scene of an accident after his Chevy Trailblazer backed into an unoccupied car.

34. Laurence Maroney Running back 1/17/11
Arrested after police found guns and drugs in car with four other men in St. Louis.

33. Kevin Alexander Linebacker 12/20/10
Arrested on suspicion of assault and battery in domestic incident with girlfriend. Additional note: Team announced he was cut from the team the same day.

32. Perrish Cox Cornerback 12/9/10
Arrested, charged with sexual assault stemming from incident on Oct. 28. Additional note: Acquitted.

31. D.J. Williams Linebacker 11/12/10
Arrested on suspicion of DUI after being pulled over at about 2:40 a.m.

30. Elvis Dumervil Linebacker 10/24/10
Cited for assault in alleged incident with parking attendant after game at Invesco Field.

29. Ronald Fields Defensive tackle 5/8/10
Arrested in Houston on misdemeanor gun charge after allegedly taking gun into nightclub.

28. Richard Quinn Tight end 9/7/09
Arrested on domestic violence and harassment charges after woman said he grabbed and shook her during an argument and grabbed the phone from her while she tried to call 911.

27. Brandon Marshall Wide receiver 3/1/09
Arrested in Atlanta on disorderly conduct charge after fight with fiance, spent five hours in jail. Additional note: Charge dismissed.

26. Brandon Marshall Wide receiver 3/6/08
Arrested in Atlanta after his longtime girlfriend claimed in an affidavit that Marshall hit her in the mouth and left eye March 4. Additional note: NFL suspended him one game after this, his third arrest in a year. Acquitted.
25. Marcus Thomas Defensive tackle 3/1/08
Arrested in Florida after police found cocaine and a gun in his truck. Additional note: Dropped.

24. Andre Hall Running back 2/19/08
Turned himself in and was booked into jail after arrest warrant was issued in Florida for failing to appear in court Feb. 5. The court appearance was for a charge of driving with a suspended or revoked license after traffic stop Jan. 11. Additional note: Paid $513 bond.

23. Matt Prater Kicker 1/24/08
Arrested DUI. Accused of drunken driving in Orlando, Fla., refusing breath test. Additional note: Pleaded no contest to refusing to submit to test, 50 hours of community service, license suspended for six months.

22. Daniel Graham Tight end 1/11/08
Arrested on suspicion of criminal mischief and harassment of former girlfriend after argument about sale of their home. Additional note: Dropped the next week.

21. Todd Sauerbrun Punter 12/8/07
Cited for simple assault after alleged altercation with cab driver. He then was transported to local detox facility. Additional note: Pleaded guilty to disturbing the peace, 24 hours community service

20. Darrell Hackney Quarterback 12/1/07
Arrested on suspicion of DUI at 2:20 a.m.

19. Brandon Marshall Wide receiver 10/22/07
Arrested on suspicion of drunken driving in Denver. Additional note: Pleaded to reduced charge of driving while impaired, sentenced to a year of probation.

18. David Kircus Wide receiver 5/20/07
Charged with felony assault after alleged fistfight at party. The other man in the fight was hospitalized with broken bones in his face.

Brandon Marshall is the Broncos' all-time arrest leader, with four.

Brandon Marshall is the Broncos’ all-time arrest leader, with four.

File photo

17. Brandon Marshall Wide receiver 3/26/07
Arrested on charges of false imprisonment, domestic violence. Additional note: Dropped

16. Sam Brandon Safety 9/27/06
Turned himself in on arrest warrant for violating a restraining order. Additional note: Suspended by NFL for two games in 2007, stemming from previous arrest

15. Karl Paymah Cornerback 5/26/06
Officers found him unconscious in SUV, with vehicle running and in gear. Additional note: Convicted of DUI and careless driving on July 16, 2008.

14. Jake Plummer Quarterback 4/20/06
Charged with property destruction in alleged road rage incident. Plummer received misdemeanor summons after allegedly kicking a truck. Additional note: Diversion program, $26 for broken license-plate bracket.

13. D.J. Williams Linebacker 9/23/05
Arrested, charged with DUI. Additional note: Pleaded guilty to driving while impaired, 24 hours community service, one year probation.

12. Sam Brandon Safety 7/4/05
Arrested, charged in domestic violence incident, misdemeanor third-degree assault, criminal mischief. Additional note: Suspended by NFL for two games in 2007.

11. Willie Middlebrooks Cornerback 1/1/05
Arrested on suspicion of third-degree assault, domestic violence and harassment of his girlfriend early New Year’s Day. Additional note: Pleaded guilty, 36 weeks domestic violence class, 18-month deferred sentence.

10. Sam Brandon Safety 6/2/04
Arrested, charged in domestic violence incident, misdemeanor criminal mischief, child abuse. Additional note: Dropped.

9. Daryl Gardener Defensive Tackle 7/18/03
Arrested disorderly conduct. Accused of fighting with another customer during long wait to be seated at restaurant. Gardener tore ligament in wrist.

8. Russell Newman Defensive Tackle 07/18/03
Arrested disorderly conduct. Accused of fighting with another customer during long wait to be seated at restaurant.

7. Dwayne Carswell Tight end 7/4/03
Arrested in Atlanta and charged with simple battery, domestic violence and obstruction of an officer after a fight with his girlfriend. Additional note: Guilty, suspended one game.

6. John Mobley Linebacker 12/28/02
Arrested for DUI in Parker, Colo. Additional note: Sentenced to seven days in jail.

5. Eddie Kennison Wide receiver 9/2/01
Arrested and charged with three misdemeanors after an argument with a bouncer outside a Louisiana nightclub. Additional note: Dropped. Page down to continue counting down the 34 Denver Broncos arrested since 2000.

4. Dwayne Carswell Tight end 3/2/01
Charged with third-degree assault and domestic violence in Pueblo, Colo. Additional note: Dropped.

Brian Griese is one of two Broncos quarterbacks to have been arrested. The other is Jake Plummer.

Brian Griese is one of two Broncos quarterbacks to have been arrested. The other is Jake Plummer.

File photo

3. Brian Griese Quarterback 10/28/00
Arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence in south Denver. Additional note: Pleaded guilty to driving while impaired, one year probation, $418 fines and costs.

2. Bill Romanowski Linebacker 8/9/00
Indicted on four felony charges of fraudulently obtaining prescription diet drugs. Additional note: Acquitted.

1. Rod Smith Wide receiver 1/24/00
Arrested on misdemeanor charges of third-degree assault and harassment for allegedly choking and hitting the mother of his two children at the couple’s home in Parker, Colo. Additional note: Pleaded guilty to verbal harassment, $25,000 conditional NFL fine, group therapy.

Hong Kong [China], Jan 16 ( ANI ): Both the US State Department and the Pakistan government were caught unawares when President Donald Trump tweeted on 1 January that Pakistan had provided only “lies and deceit” whilst giving safe haven to terrorists. Within three days, a scrambling State Department announced the USA was suspending military aid to Islamabad.

The said security assistance is estimated to be worth some USD1.9 billion annually. IHS Jane’s quoted a StateDepartment official as saying, “The United States will not deliver grant-funded military equipment or transfer security-related funds to Pakistan unless required by law. Exceptions may be made on a case-by-case basis if they are determined to be vital to national security interests.”

It is known that the financial suspension includes USD1 billion in funds under the Foreign Military Financingprogram and the Pakistan Counterinsurgency Capability Fund. About USD900 million under the Coalition Support Funds is also affected.

It is important to note that this funding has not been cancelled, just suspended. The official informed IHS Jane’s, “This suspension is not a permanent cut at this time. Security assistance funding and pending deliveries will be frozen but not cancelled as we work to ensure Pakistan takes decisive action against terrorist and militant groups. We do not intend to re-programme any funds at this time.”

It is important to note that the USA is only the second-largest provider of military equipment to Pakistan. China tops that list already. Therefore, the freezing of American military aid does not alter the status quo order.

Is there a possibility of China stepping in to make up for this loss of funds and military hardware? To answer that question we must consider the type of equipment that each country supplies. For example, China supplies more strategic-type and combat assets.

Examples of assets sold by China from 2010-16 include MBT-2000-based main battle tanks, Type 041submarines, CH-3 and Wing Loong unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), JF-17 fighters, K-8 trainer jets, Z-10 and Z-9C helicopters, F-22P frigates, Azmat-class missile patrol boats,1,500-tonne and 600-tonne patrol boats, HJ-8 anti-tank missiles, QW-1 man-portable surface-to-air missiles (SAM), A-100 rocket launchers, C-802 and CM-400AKG anti-ship missiles, HQ-7 and LY-80 SAMs, PL-12 and PL-5E air-to-air missiles, various guided bombs, ZDK-03 airborne early warning aircraft, Type 90 antiaircraft guns, and Yu-3 and Yu-4 torpedoes.

In contrast, a lot of US equipment sold to Pakistan isassets useful for combating terrorists and insurgentsrather than warships or offensive armored vehicles. A lot is second-hand too. From 2010-16, the USA supplied M109A5 self-propelled howitzers, P-3C Orion patrol aircraft, various missiles and bombs, F-16C fighters, King Air 350, Cessna 208 and Cessna U206 aircraft, Cougar and MaxxPro protected vehicles, M113 armored personnel carriers and ScanEagle UAVs.

One deal likely to be frozen is the sale of twelve Bell AH-1Z attack helicopters. However, Pakistan has already expressed interest in the T129 Atak platform from Turkey, which could just as easily fill this gap.

IHS Jane’s predicted, “.The move by the United States to halt defence supplies and military aid to Pakistan is likely to prompt Islamabad to move closer to China, which increasingly views itself as a provider of counterinsurgency equipment and would welcome the move as an opportunity to further strengthen its influence in South Asia.”

So, yes, China will likely garner new sales in Pakistan for the type of counterinsurgency equipment that the USA previously provided. Regardless, this will simply come on top of the full-blown combat weaponry that Pakistan has already, and will continue, buying from Beijing. Thus, Pakistani dependence on Chinese equipment will deepen a trend already occurring.

It must be remembered that Islamabad was already wary of US-supplied equipment because it has previously endured a US-imposed embargo. That experience made Pakistan realize that it had to diversify its supplier base because, to reply solely on the USA, meant its military equipment would soon end up unserviceable. Indeed, this was one reason Pakistan has been courting China for many years. Additionally, China has been more willing to transfer technology and assist with local production, something American companies are loath to do in Pakistan.

Chinese officials and media have been remarkably silent on what impact the US sanctions against Pakistan will have, but the leadership must surely be rubbing their hands with glee. While this game of brinkmanship could prompt Islamabad to redouble its counterinsurgency efforts, there is consensus among many commentators that the South Asian country will be pushed even more firmly into China’s embrace as its support base narrows.This will not all be positive, however, as Pakistan will be forced to accept Chinese terms that are unlikely to be more generous than the USA’s.

The US-Pakistan relationship has always been rocky. Pakistan has always relied upon overseas funding, and the war in Afghanistan has been a boon for Pakistani coffers. While it might threaten to cozy up to China, thiswill not heal deep-seated difficulties within the country. Simply transferring to a different money tree will not solve internal-security problems, whilst overreliance on China will limit Islamabad’s future foreign policy avenues.

Furthermore, terrorist attacks in China, any suspected links with insurgent organizations in Pakistan, or violent attacks against Chinese interests in the Muslim country will attract Chinese ire. While it is positive that Pakistan enjoyed a peaceful transition to a civil government in 2013, foreign support must sustain governance and strengthen the economy. Will China, an authoritarian regime that fears democratic institutions and human rights, do so? It seems unlikely.

China talks glibly of “win-win cooperation” as it pushesits One Belt, One Road initiative, but the fact is that China possesses hardnosed business ethics that produce only one winner. This hard-driving attitude is actuallyrebounding in some cases. A high-profile example is the USD14 billion Diamer-Bhasha Dam, where China was allegedly asking for ownership stakes, something unacceptable to Pakistan.

The dam was supposed to be part of the much-vaunted China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), the latter being a business venture with strategic overtones. One thing it is not is aid. Projects are negotiated atcommercial rates and, since Beijing is bankrolling the scheme, it typically uses Chinese companies and technology.

A recent report in The Jamestown Foundation entitled “CPEC: Iron Brothers, Unequal Partners” and written by Sudha Ramachandran, noted that “serious differences have come to the fore between China and Pakistan over the $60-billion China-Pakistan Economic Corridor”.

It continued, “.The Sino-Pakistani relationship in CPEC is an unequal one. Not only will CPEC benefit China more than Pakistan, Beijing also calls the shots. It is even cracking the whip to ensure Islamabad concedes its demands on contentious issues. Islamabad’s vulnerability to Chinese pressure can be expected to increase, especially after the US decision to suspend security aid…”

Ramachandran warned, “CPEC’s scope is breathtaking. In addition to opening up Pakistan’s domestic economy to Chinese participation on an unprecedented level, itwill result in China’s deep penetration of Pakistan’s security, society and culture.”

For instance, while the world knows a lot about CPEC’s highway, railway and energy projects, little has been made public about the agricultural arena where swathes of land will be leased to China for “demonstration projects”. China could well be using Pakistan to strengthen its own food security. Furthermore, a fiber-optic cable for internet and television will be routed through China, which will doubtlessly bring Chinese culture directly into Pakistani living rooms.

Suspiciously, there has been little public release of details of projects such as terms, conditions and schedules. The benefits will obviously be far greater forChina than Pakistan, including special economic zones where companies will not have to pay taxes. Chinese will also gain visa-free access to Pakistan, but not vice versa. “It could turn Pakistan into a Chinese colony,” the report suggested.

The Jamestown Foundation warned, “The most important is the looming debt trap. Economists have highlighted the estimated $90 billion in debt that Pakistan will have to repay China over 30 years. The consequences if Pakistan is unable to repay are unclear, though it is possible it would meet the fate of Tajikistan and Sri Lanka, which ended up ceding territory to China in lieu of unpaid debts.”

The report predicted that Pakistan’s defiance of China on the Diamer-Bhasha project will likely be short-livedsince its “economy and military are far too dependent on China for Islamabad to resist Beijing’s pressure for long”.

Indicative of Pakistan’s snowballing vassal-like status, Ramachandran noted that “the Pakistani government reacted to the US announcement by allowing the renminbi to be used for bilateral trade and investment activities, reversing an earlier decision in November barring the use of renminbi on the grounds that it would undermine Pakistan’s economic sovereignty. China’s grip over Pakistan in CPEC has tightened.”

Yes, there are differences between Beijing and Islamabad over CPEC and some of its projects. However, the initiative will not be derailed, especially as the latter increasingly comes under Chinese influence – for better or for worse. (ANI)

Gun rights and gun control are touchy issues. Bring up firearms and expect to hear yelling. And blame. And misunderstanding.

Nationally, the mass shootings get the big headlines. In November, a man killed 26 worshippers at a church in Sutherland Springs, Texas. That tragedy came only weeks after 58 people were murdered and another 500 were injured at a concert in Las Vegas. USA Today declared 2017 the deadliest year for mass killings in at least a decade.

But the 208 victims killed in mass shootings are but a fraction of the 33,000 gun deaths in the U.S. Two-thirds are suicides. Another third are single homicides. Then there are accidents, shootings by police, domestic violence.

We talked with a dozens of people, and will feature four:

‘); }else{ document.write(”); }

• A self-professed “gun nerd” and collector who, by his own admission, owns more firearms than anyone needs.

• Sisters, ages 12 and 15, who have taken up hunting because they love the outdoors and being with their dogs.

• A gun owner who tells other parents about his safe, and is OK with some saying they’d rather not have their kids hang out at his home.

• A grandmother who inherited her father’s revolver and trains regularly to stay sharp.


William Thomas is just fine with being called a gun nerd.

“Just like you have ‘Star Wars’ nerds who can tell you everything about ‘Star Wars’ — that’s how I am,” he said. “I’m that resource for a lot of my friends who want a gun.”

Thomas owns several firearms. The other day on his coffee table/workbench, he had several weapons in various states of assembly. He laid out a few more on his kitchen floor. He showed an AR-15 he had custom painted royal blue, and later produced a bandolier with different types of ammo for shotguns.

“It’s a hobby,” the 37-year-old Gladstone, Missouri, resident said.

It wasn’t always so. Thomas said his mother wouldn’t allow him or his siblings to even play with toy guns.

“That was just her take on it,” he said. “We grew up in the 64130 ZIP code, and in that area, you go to sleep to gunshots. My father was killed with a gun, by police. That’s the way he died, so my mother didn’t allow it. Growing up we could never play with toy guns, very few water guns.”

He said the first time he saw a firearm was when an older schoolmate brought one to school.

“It was crazy times — just knowing people who had been shot and killed,” he said. “When I was in sixth grade, an eighth grader from my school, he went over to Central and I think they were arguing over a girl, and he pulls out a gun and the other guy pulls out a gun and shoots and kills him. You have these two kids, 13, 14 years old, and they both have guns. That just blows my mind.”

Thomas’ own interest in firearms was piqued after he enlisted in the Marines during his senior year in high school and took military entrance training. At a shooting range was the first time he held or fired a gun. Thomas ended up not serving, but when he turned 23, he started getting into marksmanship and collecting.

Just like with any other hobby or interest, Thomas said gun owners need to be responsible and practice their craft. He pointed to the bag of golf clubs in the corner of his apartment.

“You can’t just have a golf bag and go golf once and be Tiger Woods — it’s something you have to constantly practice so it becomes muscle memory,” he said. “Same thing with shooting. A lot of people don’t even know how to aim their gun.”


For these young Kansas sisters, hunting with guns means dinner, bonding with dogs

Drive off the blacktop in McLouth, Kansas, down a gravel road, turn onto a long lane that winds — watch the little goats that scurry along — to a house on a wooded ridge.

That’s where you find two young sisters who would rather be bundled up in the cold woods than sleeping in on a Saturday morning.

They hunt. And they love all that that means. The early rise, solitude, the song of birds, nature’s colors, breath in the air. Their dogs.

“Killing the animal isn’t the fun part,” said Madeline Funk, 12, a seventh-grader.

“Like our dad said, if you like killing animals — there’s something wrong with you,” added Elizabeth Funk, 15, a sophomore at McLouth High School.

These two know guns, but don’t spend a lot of time talking about them. They like their dogs more. Long guns get heavy when you lug them 10 miles a day over rough terrain.

For them, a gun is merely a tool. They hunt for purpose. Parents Jason and Christine Funk say 90 percent of the meat consumed in the home comes from hunting. It’s a tradition for a family that has been in this rural area of Leavenworth County three generations.

“A lot of boys in my class hunt, but not many girls,” Elizabeth said.

Madeline nodded in agreement. “Some don’t understand because they’ve never done it. With us, it’s probably how we were raised. We grew up in the woods.”

Elizabeth was not really into hunting at first.

“But then I got a dog,” she said.

Elizabeth and Madeline both credit their dad for the passion of hunting. Elizabeth said he pushed his daughters because he didn’t have any boys to push.

Jason Funk took exception to “push.” He doesn’t even like “encourage.”

“I exposed them to hunting,” he said. “They liked it. They were always outside girls anyway. They took to it and they do it right.”

The girls make good grades. It’s expected. Both are involved in lots of extracurricular activities. And they’ve both taken several gun safety courses.

And they think maybe the country could do with a refresher course.

As for gun violence, Elizabeth thinks people should respect guns more, particularly the damage and pain they can cause.

“And I think the government should monitor who should be allowed to buy a gun,” she said. “Some people shouldn’t have a gun.”


Aaron Young is pretty certain he knows why we only hear the extremes in the gun debate.

“The middle’s not real sexy,” he said. “Nobody wants to tune in to Fox News to hear, ‘Reasonable man talks gun control.’ Not a lot of red meat there.”

Meat, however, is the main reason Aaron is a gun owner. He hunts. And what he hunts, his family eats.

“If we needed me to kill all our food, we’d all weigh a lot less than we do,” he said, laughing. “It’s a good fallback position.”

He shot his first gun when he was around 10 years old. He now owns six shotguns and a .22 rifle. They’re locked up in a massive gun safe with a couple of handguns, owned — ostensibly — for his wife, Anne Kobbermann, and him to defend their Lenexa home if necessary.

“I mostly just use it to shoot targets,” Anne said. “I’m pretty confident I would never actually defend our house with it.”

Anne is a physician who, as a surgery resident, saw firsthand what guns can do when turned on human beings. Aaron is a former construction manager who recently completed his law degree.

The Youngs have two children, Lincoln and Reagan. Aaron says a few neighbors have looked at him like he’s the worst parent in the world when he mentions both kiddos have held and, under supervision, fired firearms.

Nonetheless, before the kids bring a friend over to the house for the first time, Aaron lets their parents know there are firearms locked up in a safe in the home.

“There have been a couple of parents, after their kids have come over for the first time, who have contacted me and said, ‘So-and-so had a lot of fun, but we’re uncomfortable with the fact that there are firearms in the house, so we just won’t do that anymore,’ “ Aaron said. “Totally OK with that. Everybody has their own perspective.”


She’s a widow, a grandmother, and she likes to talk about her flowers. Daisies stand out.

Sherry Sherrow also says if anyone tries to break into her bedroom in the middle of the night, “They won’t get far unless they have a gun, too.”

Hers is within reach.

Listening to this retired para-educator go on about firearms, you get the impression she must be a longtime gun owner. She talks about balance, trigger pull resistance and says things like, “Take the mag out, but might still have one in the pipe.”

But, nope. She got her first gun not all that long ago when her father died at age 90 — it was the .38-caliber revolver he carried as a volunteer police officer in their small town in rural Texas.

“I’m kind of a come-lately on this gun thing,” Sherrow said.

But, she come big. She liked that old gun. Liked how it made her feel. So she bought another one. One that fit her hand better — a .380 Sig Sauer semi-automatic pistol. She’s since added a few more — handguns, long guns, assault rifle — making this spry senior citizen, who laughs easily and has 16 grandchildren, pretty much loaded for bear.

Somebody pounding on the front door in the middle of the night spurred this push for security. It scared her. Turned out to be pranksters, but she got to thinking — what if it was something else? What if they’d banged all the way inside?

“It made me wary,” she said.

So for Sherrow, the decision on gun ownership wasn’t due to one of the big news stories or national trends that often provide the common reference points for discussions on guns — a mass shooting, spike in violent crime, gangs, drugs, car jackings, terrorist threats, etc.

It was personal. Her house, her door and, now, it’s her gun.

She took lessons. She target shoots regularly at Frontier Justice in Lee’s Summit, where she keeps most of her guns in a locker. Shooting is her hobby, though she admits she’s not particularly good at it. During a simulator drill that puts students in robbery scenarios, she shot a (digital) store clerk.

“Sometimes it’s best to be a good witness,” the instructor told her.

She chuckles at that story.

Tweeting of Donald Trump vs gunning of Idi Amin

Just finished reading the book “Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White” and analysed the statements of Mr. Steve Bannon, which gives the impressions that White House has been occupied by children and is turned into a playground for them. The author has declared White House as Legoland and this book reminds me of Mr. Idi Amin, the then President of Uganda who ruled it from 1971 to 1979. I see lot of similarity between tweeting politics of Donald Trump and gunning politics of Idi Amin when he was “gunning down his opponents”, which ran in thousands including one priest with his gun and Donald Trump “tweeting down his opponents” with his smartphone. Both share impulsiveness and impatient natures and lacking of patience always lead to hasty and irrational decisions. President Idi Amin lost his office because of his gun, which he had used at wrong timings and on wrong targets and finally his hasty and jumpy actions had cost him his presidential office and rest is the history. He believed in his own way of life and he used to act as investigator, prosecutor, judge, president and field marshal.

President Donald Trump fires his tweets in all directions, like President Idi Amin, without realising its consequences. His tweets are meant for those who oppose his policies and including media if it highlights cases against him. Most recently he has bashed The New York Times, its administration and journalists.

In fact, his one finger is on the smartphone as president and his other finger is on the most dangerous nuclear devices and flying killers, which can hit any target including some capitals of the world. President of the United States has been painted as “childish” by his previous advisor and the author of the book. The world is worried that one hand of President Donald Trump is on Twitter button and the other one is on the most dangerous nuclear command and control system and what happens if his impulsiveness triggers to act and it is likely that instead of sending tweet he may press nuclear button to hit one of his hostile countries.

I feel that he is “stable genius” as he has managed to reach White House despite being bashed by his political opponents. He is, however, better advised as compared to Idi Amin, as CIA operates under a code of conduct and also handled international dirty tricks skillfully and such dirty tricks have already been exposed by Phillip and Aggies, former senior agents of CIA who later on claimed political asylum in Europe. CIA undertakes very well strategised covert and overt operations where they have the licence to act anywhere in a strange manner.

The question rises whether President Donald Trump takes advice from his intelligence aide before firing such tweets or he reacts to his wild imagination ignoring that he is the President of USA. The tweeting by President Donald Trump is affecting the whole world as he holds the most powerful office of a world power. I therefore feel that a smartphone in the hand of an impulsive or a “childish” president is a security risk for USA in particular and rest of the world in general. It would, therefore, be prudent if he is restricted from using mobile phone for the sake of his own security or have Twitter and Facebook apps removed from his mobile till he is in the White House.

This toy in his hand may cost heavily for the world one day. He has worried the entire world by tweeting in response to the President of North Korea Kim Jong Un that he has a “bigger and more powerful” nuclear button.

Pakistan has already fallen victim to his tweets where he has levelled charges of “lies and deceit” on Pakistan without verification from his authorities. Pakistan, however, has given befitting response to his unwarranted tweet and he will get same response if he repeats any disrespectful misadventures

The new mode of politics of Donald Trump through tweets is getting dangerous. The war of tweets between the world leadership and its after effects may bring irreversible level of miscommunication, which needs to be addressed prudently. USA needs to adopt a reasonable state policy like in the past. I am afraid to warn that this firing of tweets may not turn into nuclear fireball engulfing the whole world into irreversible situation of World War–III. The world today needs to sit together and find out a solution as to how to handle the new emerging situation.

In addition to what is being unveiled by close associate of Donald Trump, the rest of world also find him a beyond belief person who has committed a number of controversial moves. In a short period as President of the USA, we see he destabilised Middle East, tried to harm the interfaith harmony by declaring Jerusalem as capital of the Israel. In another tweet, Donald Trump has hit at Prime Minister Theresa May after she criticised him for re-tweeting three anti-Muslim videos posted by a British Far-Right group.

It was astonishing for the whole Muslim world when President Donald Trump bashed Muslims during his visit to Saudi Arabia and tried to create a wedge between Muslim countries and later stabbed the Muslim and Christians by declaring Jerusalem as capital of the Israel.

Americans treat him as baby president and world compare him with Idi Amin; India considers him a junior partner who can be dictated and provoked against Pakistan at any time and so for far he has not made any negative statement against PM Modi vis-à-vis his abuse of human rights and killings of innocent Kashmiris in Indian Occupied Jammu & Kashmir as well as involvement in supporting and training of terrorists who have been carrying out terrorist activities in Pakistan from across the border.

It is obvious that Donald Trump could not assemble a loyal team and he has to burn extra energy to convince the Americans and others that he is serious in his job. He has to perhaps follow the government rules of business instead of “tweeting foreign policy”. Donald Trump has to review the terminology of “war on terror” by revisiting it honestly and pragmatically to identify if this is now still a ”war on terror “ or turned into “tug of war” to destabilise the regions in the name of “Al-Qaeda of yesterday “ or “Daesh of today“. It is likely that people would start calling it as “war of strategic motives “ as wars of USA” were still there when there was no “war on terror” like the earlier “war of USA-Afghan-Soviet Union” for which Pakistan still paying heavy price for siding with USA, Mr President Donald Trump. USA will have to revisit its policy on “war on terror” and work out a solution out of the box in consultation with other international players on urgent basis.

I would advise President Donald Trump to withdraw US forces forthwith from Afghanistan and other locations including Iraq before it becomes “humiliating withdrawals” like Vietnam debacle. If USA did not stop this geo-political game then world would react, which would put the USA core interest at risk besides aggravating the internal polarisation within USA.

I hope President Donald Trump takes more serious and pragmatic approach and I hope history may not remember him as the Idi Amin of USA and he would maintain the dignity of his office. The non-serious advisors and the ongoing approach in Middle East and South Asia may create potential threat for World War– III.

Let the game of guns and tweets to end and USA to consider marching towards international peace. We Pakistani respect those who respect us and disrespect those who disrespect us. Please keep your dollars with you and return us thousands of our loved ones who lost their lives in your war on terror Mr President Donald Trump.

The writer is Chairman of think tank “Global Eye” & former Interior Minister of Pakistan. Email:, Twitter Senrehmanmalik, GlobalEye_GSA, WhatsApp +923325559393