There is nothing unusual about a new president arriving in Washington with a promise to right the perceived wrongs of his predecessors. George W. Bush pledged ”to restore honor and dignity” to the White House after the Clinton scandals and Barack Obama took the reins with a notion of mending a nation divided by war and increasingly dislocated by a spiraling economy.

SEOUL, South Korea — President Donald Trump’s trip to Europe was truly historic.

He left our most important allies there so uncertain about America’s commitment to their security from Russia and to shared values on trade and climate change that German leader Angela Merkel was prompted to tell her countrymen that Europe’s days of relying on the United States are “over to a certain extent,” and therefore Germany and its European allies “really must take our fate into our own hands.”

No U.S. president before had ever put a crack in the Atlantic alliance on his inaugural tour. Historic.

Merkel is just the first major leader to say out loud what every American ally is now realizing: The United States is under new management. “Who is America today?” is the first question I’ve been asked on each stop through New Zealand, Australia and South Korea. My answer: We’re not the USA anymore. We’re the new UAE: the United American Emirate.

We have an emir. His name is Donald. We have a crown prince. His name is Jared. We have a crown princess. Her name is Ivanka. We have a consultative council (Congress) that rubber-stamps whatever the emir wants. And like any good monarchy, our ruling family sees no conflict of interest between its personal businesses and those of the state.

So any lingering Kennedyesque thoughts about us should be banished, I explained. Let every nation know, whether it wishes us well or ill, that we shall pay no price, bear no burden, meet no hardship, support no friend, oppose no foe to assure the success of liberty — unless we’re paid in advance. And we take cash, checks, gold, Visa, American Express, bitcoin and memberships in Mar-a-Lago.

The Trump doctrine is very simple: There are just four threats in the world: terrorists who will kill us, immigrants who will rape us or take our jobs, importers and exporters who will take our industries — and North Korea. Threats to democracy, free trade, the environment and human rights are no longer on our menu. Therefore, no matter how unsavory you are as a foreign leader, you can be the United American Emirate’s best friend if you:

1.) Pay us by buying our weapons. I warn you, though, Saudi Arabia has set the bar very high, starting at $110 billion.

2.) Pay us in higher military spending for NATO — not to deter Russia, which is using cyberwarfare to disrupt every democratic election it can, but to deter “terrorism,” something that tanks and planes are useless against.

3.) Pay us in trade concessions. And it doesn’t matter how lame those concessions are. All that matters is that Emir Trump can claim “concessions.” See the recent “trade concessions” to Trump from China. (Pay no attention to that laughter from Beijing.)

4.) Pay us by freeing any U.S. citizen you arrested on trumped-up charges to annoy Barack Obama and to intimidate human rights activists. See Egypt’s President Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi’s release of a U.S.-Egyptian charity worker, Aya Hijazi, who was working with homeless children.

5.) Pay us by grossly flattering our emir about how much of an improvement he is over Obama. See President Rodrigo Duterte of the Philippines and Bibi Netanyahu of Israel.

6.) Be Russia, and you pay nothing.

Now, if you do any one of these six things the United American Emirate’s commitment to you — and it’s ironclad — is that you can do anything you want “out back.” You can deprive your people of whatever human rights you like out back. You can be as corrupt as you want out back. You can steal as many elections as you like out back. Just keep the arms purchases coming, the NATO dues rising, the phony trade concessions flowing and the compliments gushing — or be Vladimir Putin — and anything goes.

Too harsh? Not at all. Being in Korea and seeing how much this country has grown out of poverty over the last 50 years by adopting all our values — so much so that it just impeached its president for corruption after a peaceful “candlelight” mass protest based entirely on American democratic software — it makes you weep to think that virtually the only thing Trump’s had to say about Korea is that it’s a freeloader on our army (not even true) and needs to pay up.

Does Trump have a point that German economic policies have dampened its imports and disadvantaged southern Europe? Yes, he does. And NATO members should fulfill the alliance’s long-term spending targets. But how much is Germany spending to absorb 1 million Syrian refugees so they won’t be joining ISIS? How much security is that buying the world? The U.S. took 18,000 Syrians. Trump’s friend Putin took zero, but Trump never thinks about such things.

It took us decades to build the Atlantic alliance, and it has brought us so many tangible and intangible benefits in the form of security, stability, growth and friendships. Trump could actually break it, not just crack it.

This week for the first time I saw the official photographs that now grace the entry halls of all U.S. embassies. Vice President Mike Pence is smiling warmly. Trump is actually scowling. If his picture had a caption, it would be: “Get off my lawn.”

It could also say: “Let all who enter this embassy know: We don’t do alliances any more. We only do Master Limited Partnerships. Interested? Call 1-202-456-1414. Operators are standing by.”

Batista Family Will Pay 100% of the Penalty

JBS Operations Unaffected

The following statement was released by J&F Investimentos in Portuguese earlier today.

SÃO PAULO, Brazil, May 31, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — J&F Investimentos (J&F) today announced that it has reached a leniency agreement with the Brazilian Federal Prosecutor’s Office.

The agreement provides for a fine of R$ 10.3 billion, adjusted for inflation and payable over 25 years. The financial penalty will have no impact on the operations of the JBS group. Of the total amount, R$ 2.3 billion will be designated for education, health and anti-corruption projects.

The entire payment will be made by J&F, which is controlled by Joesley and Wesley Batista, to protect minority shareholders and ensure that the Group’s business continues to focus on providing quality products and services to its customers, works closely with its suppliers, and preserves jobs.

J&F understands that the collaboration with Brazil authorities will mean a change for the better. The Company also reiterates its commitment to continuing to work with the Federal Public Prosecutor’s Office in the fight against corruption in Brazil.

While terrorist incidents like what recently occurred in Manchester or terrorist threats that could ban laptops on international flights raise fears, active shooter incidents of all kinds are actually a more common threat for Americans. Just consider the following infographic:

And as with terrorism, one can still argue that your chances are being hit by a car or being in a car accident or perhaps even struck by lightening are far greater than being in a terrorist or an active shooter incident. However, such arguments tend to do little to reassure the general public as any terrorist or active shooter incident will definitely grab attention from the media.

That brings me to small cap security stock Patriot One Technologies (OTCQB: PTOTF) which has developed PATSCAN – the next generation of its award-winning NForce CMR1000 software and radar solution. PATSCAN is a first-of-its-kind Cognitive Microwave Radar concealed weapons detection system as an effective tool to combat active shooter threats before they occur. Designed for cost-effective deployment in weapon-restricted buildings and facilities, the Patriot One software solution and related hardware can be installed in hallways and doorways to covertly identify weapons and to alert security of an active threat entering the premises. Owner/operators of private and certain public facilities can now prominently post anti-weapons policies with compliance assured. The Company’s motto, “Deter, Detect and Defend,” is based on the belief that widespread use of its technology will act as an effective deterrent.

Back in April, Patriot One Technologies announced that they were the winners of the Anti-Terrorism / Force Protection category in the New Product Showcase (NPS) component of the ISC West industry trade show and conference in Las Vegas, NV. Security Industry Association (SIA) judges possess a minimum of 10 years’ experience in the selection, purchase and/or installation of products within the category that they are judging with the New Product Showcase being the premier platform for security professionals to evaluate new products and technologies for use in security applications. The Company also hosted a pair of informative panel sessions which included security experts from Canada, the USA, UK and South Africa encompassing the private and public sectors, as well as entertainment and education spaces.

Patriot One Technologies’s CEO & Director commented:

“We are very pleased to achieve this exciting award today. Positive peer review in our industry is essential for growth, and this award in particular highlights and validates our efforts to-date. We are generating significant interest at this very important event and are already receiving congratulations and interest from around the world.”

“As this is the largest security industry trade show in the U.S. today, we are enjoying the visibility we are achieving amongst some of the world leaders in the security industry. I came to this event with the belief that we would find ourselves benchmarked against the best products in the market for weapons detection, and to come out on top of our category is really big news for us, our partners and stakeholders alike. We have a full slate of meetings to complete before we leave the event and look forward to following up in the coming weeks and months ahead.”

Last week, Patriot One Technologies also announced it had entered into a reseller agreement with systems integration experts SENGEX of McLean, Virginia who has been awarded and maintains contracts within a number of U.S. government organizations. The President and CTO stated:

“Patriot One has seen huge demand in the market related to the PATSCAN CMR technology. Given our engineering resources are firmly concentrated on manufacturing scalability, new product evolutions, and advancing our weapons identification programs, we have determined our best approach is to focus on relationships with resellers who have committed sales, engineering, and financial resources to the promotion of PATSCAN CMR. This joint partnership with our resellers will guarantee that our clients will receive the best possible solution aimed at ensuring that we achieve our primary goal of ending the loss of life and property due to the unlawful use of guns, knives or explosive devices.”

“We are excited to begin presenting to specific federal agencies with immediate need. We will work with our partners to secure FCC waivers to ensure rapid installation at those federal departments where time is of the essence for deployment. It is our plan that the initial commitment of 50 units ship as fast as we can prepare them, potentially being installed as quickly as late summer – much faster than any of our previous projections indicated. Our team is absolutely ready for the job ahead, and fully committed to solving the dilemma presented by the increasingly deadly acts of public violence which we hope to help bring to an end.”

Finally, it should be mentioned that small cap Patriot One Technologies trades on the OTC Venture Marketplace (OTCQB) – the middle tier of the over-the-counter (OTC) market intended for entrepreneurial and development stage US and international companies. To be eligible for a OTCQB listing, companies must be current in their reporting to a US regulator (or are listed on a qualified international stock exchange) and undergo an annual verification and management certification process to verify officers, directors, controlling shareholders and shares outstanding. This means there is more piece of mind for investors who want to invest in OTCQB stocks like Patriot One Technologies.